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Jimi Vain SS24 “Social Avoidance” Collection

Jimi Vain SS24 "Social Avoidance" Collection

Amidst the creative buzz of Copenhagen Fashion Week, the Finnish fashion label VAIN shines with its Spring/Summer 2024 collection titled “Social Avoidance.” Founded by the visionary duo of Creative Director Jimi Vain and CEO Roope Reinola, VAIN has quickly garnered a devoted following for its unique fusion of cultural references and meticulous attention to detail.

A Nexus of Emotion and Craftsmanship

VAIN’s Social Avoidance is a reminder that amidst the technological whirlwind, it’s the shared emotions and experiences that unite us as humans, and VAIN is a brand that thrives on evoking those emotions.

In fact, The SS24 collection “Social Avoidance” is a glimpse into Creative Director Jimi Vain’s mind amid the chaos of the modern world. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, conflicts, economic challenges, and emotional turmoil, design becomes a canvas for processing these intricate feelings.

The collection weaves together elements from diverse subcultures, interlacing silhouettes with fragments of Jimi Vain’s innermost thoughts and the poignant essence of Finnish melancholy and anxiety. Ultimately, VAIN SS24 offers a refuge for channelling emotions and discovering clarity through artistry. It is a symbol of adaptability and resilience, inviting wearers and observers to find serenity within the turbulence of our times. Don’t miss this, STAMM wins Zalando Sustainability Award in Copenhagen Autumn/Winter 2023.

Jimi Vain Explores Turbulence Through Design

“When I started designing the VAIN SS24 collection, I was in a knot with my thoughts; it felt like everything was chaos. A pandemic, war, inflation, energy crisis, and depression raged outside. The safe world the naive child was born into had changed”, designer Jimi Vain says. “When the whole world goes into overdrive, I go with it. Because everything else felt like chaos, I started to live more and more in my own world and forget everything else. To be able to live with it, I had to adapt to it and find those beautiful things in the heart of chaos.”

History of Impact

Not to forget, VAIN has been making waves through viral collaborations, such as its innovative project with McDonald’s, upcycling old uniforms into a fashion collection that resonated with millions worldwide. The brand’s debut collection, NU-RMO, was unveiled at Pitti Uomo 103 in January 2023, marking its dynamic entry into the fashion scene.

As Copenhagen Fashion Week unfolds, VAIN’s “Social Avoidance” collection offers a visually striking embodiment of resilience, introspection, and the search for equilibrium in an ever-changing world.

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