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Beauty Essentials Every Fashion Forward Woman Should Have In Her Collection

Beauty Essentials For Fashion Forward Woman

As a fashion forward woman, the first thing you must agree with is that trends will always come and go. However, there are some beauty essentials that never go out of style, and your wardrobe needs them, but in the actual sense, you’re the one who needs them. These are basic items but can provide you with numerous iconic looks if you just pair them well. 

Wondering what these items are? I have curated an inclusive list of fashion items every woman needs to have in her collection irrespective of your style, body type and budget. 

5 Beauty Essentials For Fashion Forward Women

Take a look at 5 beauty essentials for every fashion-inclined woman;

1. As a Fashion Forward Woman, You need a GOOD BRA

I’m a huge fan of letting the titties breathe but girl, you have to invest in a good bra. This is because some outfits just look better when you wear a fitting bra. There is a variety of bras for different outfits; from T-shirt bras to under-wire contour bras to padded bralettes, just ensure you choose one that lifts them boobies in the best way and does not pinch or sag.

2. Dear Fashion Forward Woman, A Classy Day-to-Night Dress

One feature of the perfect day-to-night dress is its simplicity that allows it to be appropriate for different occasions. For a casual look, you can pair with white sneakers and a nice denim jacket. Want something work-appropriate? Pair it up with a blazer and loafers and you’re good to go. Need to go to drinks with the girls after work?  Discard the blazer and throw on some nice heels and statement jewellery and your day-to-night dress has served you well. Experience A different ever after…

    3. Fashion Forward Woman, Go Baddie with Sunglasses

    If you are looking for a way to switch up your entire look from basic to baddie and classy, then you need a pair of sunglasses. All you need to do is find the most suitable frame for your face shape and boom! An elevated style. There are various frames to choose from, ranging from round to square to cat eyes, there is definitely a pair for every woman.

    4. A Tote

      In need of stylish work bags? A Tote is your go-to. Not only can they contain everything you need for work, including a pack of chewing gum to help you maintain a fresh breath and stay awake while working your back off, they take your work look to a 100. Just ensure you get one of good quality because it’d be difficult not to grab this bag over and over every time you think of the bag to take to work. Subscribe to fabl’style on YouTube to keep up with all the street fashion from fashion weeks.

      5. A Signature Essential

      Every fashion icon has a staple peculiar to them. Ariana Grande is known for her half-up ponytail. Beyonce? Glitters. And Victoria Beckham? Her classy pencil skirts. You are the best person to choose your style and signature look. From vintage jewellery to bold lipsticks to colourful tees to specially-made handbags, there are so many staples to choose from that will be unique to you. My Fashion Forward Woman, rock it consistently with your head high till it becomes a part of you. Check this out Is it just a fad or the future? Why make the switch to a Plant-Based Diet?


      While there are other fashionable items to add some spice to your wardrobe, these are some beauty essentials you need to start with and you would be well on your way to being one of the fashion icons you so look up to. Good luck and happy dressing up!

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