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Tips and Tricks: 3 Minutes Makeup Hack For Zoom Call

Makeup Hack For Your Next Zoom Meeting

There are more reasons than can be counted on one hand why you may not have the time required for proper makeup, even when you wish to look your best for a virtual meeting. Why know makeup hack for zoom call? For starters, the meeting may be impromptu. Other times, the virtual call may be a session with your potential clients or employers. You’d agree with us that you’d rather spend more time practising your replies to likely questions. Whatever the scenario, below are five tips for quick makeup. Just a minute before that, what’s the difference between making up for a virtual call and making up for a physical event?

Event Makeup Vs Zoom Call Makeup

The difference between making up for a social or physical event and making up for a zoom call or virtual meeting is most likely down to how heavy the makeup looks, and how much time each needs. But, certainly, you can be as beautiful with a three minute makeup as the one you spend a whole day doing. You just have to know the necessary tips by reading this 3 minute makeup hack for virtual call. Never miss our glam packaged coverage of fashion event, follow Fabl’style on Instagram.

Makeup Hack For Your Next Zoom Meeting

The use of cosmetics to enhance facial beauty is an art that most certainly requires skills and patience among women. A woman’s face, to a large extent, captures the essence of her physical beauty. And, in applying make-up, there are techniques such that we now have an industry of specialists. Find below industry specialist 3mins make up hack:

Apply a Good Moisturiser

Quick Tips: Let your phone or Laptop camera be your mirror.

You can apply a moisturiser to your face within 30 seconds. You don’t want to look all sweaty just a few minutes into your meeting, so you must ensure that your face is hydrated before applying any other cosmetic. Remember, a good moisturiser adds luminosity to your skin. And where else to glow if not on camera. Join fab community for premium pecks.

Curl up your Lashes

Beside appearing beautiful, another of your aims is to appear “alive” to the people on the other end of the call. You will look alive, awake , and very bright by lifting and darkening your lashes with a black mascara in a few seconds. You almost missed Best Corporate Nail Polish Colours To Try In 2023.

Blush Your Face Alive

You don’t want to look “dead” and uninterested during the zoom conversation. Then, what can you do? In your quick makeup, make sure to apply a blush. This makes you look more vibrant, alive and gingered. You don’t want your face to give the wrong impression of your feelings. Experts advised that you use a brighter blush than you normally would wear, so that the light from the webcam doesn’t swallow all the warmth on your face.

Quick Application of Concealer

Use some few seconds to quickly pat concealer on some specific places on your face: such as under your eyes, nose bridge, and the inner corners of your eyes.

Apply Contour

Got some seconds left? Okay! This may not be necessary, but if you must, especially when you still have some seconds to spare, apply contour on the area above the jawline.  And there you go basking with a fab look!

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