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Dorzh Ayushin SS ’23 collection Boasts Gorgeous Coral Reef Hues.

Dorzh Ayushin SS '23 collection Boasts Gorgeous Coral Reef Hues

A new collection can be created in a matter of weeks or months, as opposed to several years for a new building. Ayushin, a fashion designer of Siberian descent, is more interested in the chance to capture the moment and express his vision in Ayushin SS ’23 collection than in the speed of creation. Ayushin, who was raised in Ulan-Ude, close to Lake Baikal, began going to art school when he was just 8 years old. When he had completed his architectural studies in Tomsk, he relocated to St. Petersburg, where he began to work as an architect and interior designer.

At the age of 22, he later relocated to Vienna to further his education. Ayushin has always been interested in fashion and photography, but until 2022, when he made the decision to launch his fashion line, he mostly concentrated on architecture. This was the result of his reflection and quest to find the aesthetic and creative freedom he lacked during his ten years of architectural pursuit. This Is Exclusively For You, eFAB 02/2022 Edition.

Vitality of Remaining Flora: More Casual Clothing

In May 2022, he unveiled his debut line, which included six gowns. However, the second collection, Spring 2023, which will launch early this year, will have more casual clothing in addition to gowns. Coral reefs and all the creatures that live within them served as the inspiration for the Ayushin SS ’23 collection. It emphasises their interaction, communication, and coexistence. Despite the growing environmental problems and underwater biodiversity loss, sparks of colour still appear in the bleached coral and murky nooks. The collection’s primary colour, black, evokes the dying coral, while the brilliant hues symbolise the vitality of the remaining flora and fauna. Discover Strength From Within.

Hear Our Heart Beating In Every Garment

Ayushin finds inspiration for each collection in the marriage of fashion and architecture. He understood that human beings are encased in layers of protection created by both clothes and architecture. His fashion lines ingeniously convey the emotions that emerge from these layers. Especially focusing on harnessing the limitless energy that emanates from women’s strength, independence, and confidence— as Dorzh puts it, “You can see our aesthetics, feel our love, and hear our heart beating in every garment we create for you.”

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