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How to be a Woman Who Changes the World: The Experience of Ukrainian Women and Public Figures in Europe

First International Mothers for Ukraine Charity Forum in Vienna

Exploring the First International Mothers for Ukraine Charity Forum in Vienna, the confluence of powerful discussions touched upon stereotypes in women’s business, emerging fashion trends, beauty, education in Europe, and the noble cause of aiding Ukrainian children during times of war. This remarkable event, hosted at the esteemed Park Hyatt Vienna, welcomed speakers and guests from diverse countries such as Ukraine, Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Great Britain, united in their commitment to fostering positive change. With TRAFIN Consulting und Entwicklungs GmbH as the forum’s valued partner, the event was orchestrated by the “MOM plus ME” Charitable Foundation of Ukraine—a longstanding beacon of support for children in need.

Promoting Boundless Potential

At the heart of this forum was the profound question: What is the role of a woman in today’s world? The participants unanimously affirmed that women possess the remarkable ability to fulfil multiple roles simultaneously, be it as nurturing mothers, ambitious entrepreneurs, compassionate philanthropists, or self-care advocates. A collective belief in women’s boundless potential permeated the discussions and ignited an inspiring energy throughout the event.

A Resonant Mission

Natalia Syvak, the founder of the “MOM plus ME” Charitable Foundation, spoke passionately about her mission to advocate for Ukrainian children whose lives have been forever altered by the ravages of war. “For over a year now, part of my mission has been to remind the world about Ukrainian children. About children who lost their childhood forever. Every time I visit any country in the world, I remind the world about our children. It doesn’t matter if there is a microphone and a large audience or if it’s just a private conversation. So, it could not be otherwise. Today, the mission of our forum is to help children who remain in Ukraine, children whose childhood was taken away by the war,” Natalia said during her speech.

Pioneering Paths and Breaking Barriers

Entrepreneurs Yevheniya Dubinska, Olga Pogonysheva, Daria Didkovska, and Mariia Pertseva shared their remarkable journeys, debunking prevailing stereotypes and proving that women’s business ventures are not only potent but also brimming with promise. Their personal accounts offered valuable insights into the limitless possibilities available when one dares to defy societal constraints and embrace their true potential.

Fashion as an Expression of Individuality

Anna Arutiunova and Iva Nerolli enraptured the audience, shedding light on the latest fashion trends and imparting wisdom on the art of cultivating personal style and building successful fashion brands. Anna, in particular, shared her transformative experience of translating her passion for dance into a thriving fashion brand, showcasing the power of creativity and self-expression through clothing.

Embracing Health and Wellness

Liudmyla Kylivnyk and Diana Steiner spearheaded an invigorating discussion panel centred around the significance of prioritising physical and mental well-being for both children and adults. Their illuminating insights underscored the crucial role self-care plays in fostering a thriving and balanced society.

Education and Careers on a Global Scale

Yaryna Usach and Nikoletta Syvak expertly guided attendees through the prospects of pursuing education and careers in Europe. Armed with personal experiences and comprehensive knowledge, they proved indispensable resources for Ukrainian individuals aspiring to enter esteemed European universities.

Nurturing Goodness and Compassion

Tetiana Rybchenko, Harriet Hala, Rimma Polonsky, and Natalia Minosyan—the epitome of generosity and compassion—took centre stage as they shared their stories of dedication to charity work and the creation of a healthy society. From aiding in the evacuation of children to organising charity events and providing unwavering support for Ukrainian refugees abroad, these remarkable women exemplify the transformative power of empathy and altruism.

A Charitable Tapestry

Throughout the forum, the ethos of charity reverberated, manifesting in heartfelt conversations, impassioned speeches, and captivating videos. A small but impactful charity auction took place, featuring a painting by the talented young Ukrainian artist Maksym Brovchenko, who has autism. Additionally, Amalia Horbenko, a young artist with a disability, contributed an artistically designed t-shirt that garnered significant attention. The funds raised during this charitable affair, totaling an impressive 11,000 euros, will be channelled towards targeted assistance and psycho-emotional rehabilitation for children in Ukraine. Thanks to the forum’s far-reaching impact, an even wider audience has become aware of the foundation’s noble cause and the pressing needs of Ukrainian children, underscoring the vital role played by open-hearted partners and benefactors in realising the foundation’s mission.

Unity for a Better World

The forum serves as a poignant reminder that true strength lies in unity and a genuine desire to create a more compassionate world. The “MOM plus ME” Charitable Foundation extends heartfelt gratitude to all participants of the forum for their unwavering support and dedicated care towards the welfare of Ukrainian children. Together, they continue to shape a future where women thrive and children’s dreams know no bounds.


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