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Unleashing the Gravity-Defying Wonder: Natalia Prusevich’s Balletic Triumph of Tenacity and Elegance

Unleashing the Gravity-Defying Wonder: Natalia Prusevich's Balletic Triumph of Tenacity and Elegance

In a world where elegance converges with strength and discipline intertwines with creativity, a rising star shines brightly, captivating audiences and defying expectations. With grace and determination, Natalia Prusevich has earned an impressive collection of 32 medals throughout her career. Behind the glitz and glamour lies a story of relentless hard work and unwavering dedication. From the early days, she faced the challenge of catching up to her peers, shedding tears of frustration, and enduring the pains of stretching.

But she persevered, honing her skills and transforming into a formidable competitor. Stepping onto the mat, she captivates the audience with her mesmerising routines, the culmination of countless hours of training. What sparked the flame of passion within her young heart? What drove her to embrace the artistry of gymnastics with unwavering determination? Read on as we dive into the fascinating world of this exceptional athlete and discover the depth of her passion, ambition, and unwavering spirit.

Fab: Congratulations on becoming the Champion of Vienna in your age category! What motivated you to start doing gymnastics, and how did you become so dedicated to it?

Natalia Prusevich: Thank you! My older brother has always played sports (not professionally), but I always wanted to be like him. (He’s very far away now, by the way.) My mom accidentally took me to a rhythmic gymnastics class, and I was drawn to the sport. Not immediately, but gradually over time.

Not only in sports, but in any area of life, only painstaking, daily, often routine work will definitely get you to a hundred percent result!

Natalia Prusevich

From Tears to Triumph: Unveiling the Journey of a Gymnastics Champion

Fab: You have earned 32 medals in your career so far! Can you tell us about the hard work and dedication you put into earning these medals?

Natalia Prusevich: I have to be honest; it’s not easy at all. Spectators only see the end result. Gymnastics is a beautiful sport: slim girls, bright leotards embroidered with rhinestones, music, applause, medals—it’s grace and delight! And it may seem like everything is very easy. But athletes face difficulties every day. They experience pain, tears, and often injuries. It was particularly challenging for me in the beginning. I confess that I cried a lot at first because stretching, to be honest, is very painful. However, that’s not the case anymore. I joined the sport when girls my age had already been training for 2–3 years. I thought that after a couple of lessons, I would be like them. Or rather, I wanted to be. But it took a long time, and it was a painful disappointment. Reaching their level in such a short period of time was extremely difficult. However, in any area of life, not just sports, achieving a hundred percent result requires diligent, daily, often routine work!

Fab: Can you tell us about your proudest moment in gymnastics and what it felt like to accomplish that goal?

Natalia Prusevich: Probably my first serious competition in 2019 where I achieved first place! It wasn’t easy because at every competition, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you feel nervous. After all, you not only have to perform well but also compete against dozens of others who want to stand on the podium. There are hundreds of eyes on the stands and the judges, and you only have 1 minute and 30 seconds (the duration of the music track in each programme) to show yourself, perform flawlessly, and come out on top—it’s not easy, I tell you. Especially at the age of 6-7 years. But above all, it’s a victory over yourself, and I believe that’s truly something to be proud of.

Behind the Medals: The Grit and Dedication of Natalia Prusevich’s Hard Work

For an athlete, there’s no such thing as ‘can’t’, ‘I don’t want to’ or ‘laziness’. He knows only the word ‘must’.

Natalia Prusevich
Fab: As the Austrian competition approaches on July 23rd, we are curious to know how you are preparing for it and how you are feeling about this upcoming event.

Natalia Prusevich: As an athlete, every competition, whether it’s just another competition at home or a World Championship, is like a job. You come to work, warm up, stretch, get out on the mat, work on the programme, and that’s basically it. Of course, I enjoy it all very much. It’s always a celebration. The emotions are incredible, both for the spectators and the athletes. That’s why we prepare for such championships beforehand; we try out the programme at parallel events. I’m currently a bit injured, but that’s normal for the sport. However, I’m planning to get ready and perform well. Usually, my mom is more nervous than me. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

Fab: It’s impressive that you practise 5 days a week, 3–4 hours a day! How do you balance your gymnastics training with your other interests, like learning foreign languages and attending art studios?

My advice for those who want to learn a language is to do it every day. At least for 15 minutes. It’s not much time, but it’s very effective.

Natalia Prusevich

Natalia Prusevich: Three or four hours is a lot for the average person. That’s why professional sports are called ‘big,’ because they go beyond the capabilities of ordinary people. For us, it only takes an hour and a half to warm up, stretch, work with the apparatus, and run the programme. Often, it’s not even enough. I use the time during the trip to the gym to learn languages. I have about an hour of driving, and it’s very convenient to utilise that time. Really, I enjoy learning languages, it gives me more opportunities to communicate with people from other countries.

My advice for those who want to learn a language is to do it every day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. It may not seem like much time, but it’s very effective. I’ve downloaded an app to learn French, and I practise it on my own. Recently, I was even complimented in a café for having a nice French accent. Besides language learning, I also pursue my hobby of drawing. I dedicate one weekend day to it. I also love reading books, and we have a mini-library at home. I’ve already read a lot of books!

Fab: Speaking of foreign languages, we hear that you’re studying French on your own. What sparked your interest in learning languages, and do you have any tips for others who want to learn a new language?

Natalia Prusevich: Every athlete is inspired first and foremost by their coach. My coach, Xenia, is very supportive and helpful. She can give us a hug when we feel bad. She cares, and I’m very grateful to her for that. Among star athletes, I like Ekaterina Galkina. I even know her personally, and I’m very proud of it. She is beautiful, graceful, kind, and treats you as an equal, even though she’s a star to me. That’s inspiring and motivating! She performs such challenging routines on the carpet, and I aspire to do at least as much someday. Well, of course, going to the Olympics like her is also a dream of mine.

Fab: You recently participated in a ballet workshop in St. Pölten, where you danced on the big stage and even received a crown for your successful performance! Can you tell us about your experience working with world-class artists from New York, Japan, and other places and how it felt to perform in front of famous individuals?

Natalia Prusevich: Yes, it was an incredible workshop that took place in St. Pölten from July 3rd to July 11th, 2021. I was fortunate to receive an invitation to participate. We had daily sessions of 5 hours with a lunch break, and while many people did less, I stayed longer because I was so immersed in the experience. Dancing alongside renowned ballet dancers in such a prestigious setting created an amazing atmosphere. The tutus, the pointe shoes—we developed great friendships, particularly with Florian (Florient Cador), who staged his own show on the big stage. He was one of our mentors among the 15 lecturers who were present. Flo stood out as one of the funniest teachers, contributing to the friendly atmosphere by keeping us laughing throughout.

The brain is the main organ in both learning and sports. It is responsible not only for remembering but also for concentration. It has to rest.

Natalia Prusevich

During the workshop, we explored various dance styles, including classical ballet, hip-hop, modern, jazz, choreography, and contemporary, with Flo focusing on teaching modern dance. Performing on the big stage was exhilarating because it truly felt like a genuine concert. The auditorium was packed, with not a single empty seat, and even the mayor was in attendance. It was an entirely different experience for me, and I must admit, I was quite nervous. However, when I heard the applause, I knew it was all worth it.

Fab: As a gymnast, who do you look up to as an inspiration or idol? Do you aspire to achieve even greater heights in your athletic pursuits?

Natalia Prusevich: As I mentioned earlier, gymnastics is my hobby. Aside from that, I enjoy drawing, various crafts, and knitting. Recently, my mom’s friend ordered a yarn beanie from me, and she even wrote a blog post about wearing it while walking down the street. It was such a heartwarming experience! I also knitted mini bees for school, and half of my class ended up placing orders for them. I spent a whole week knitting for everyone. When others appreciate and enjoy what you do, it serves as great inspiration. Overall, whenever someone feels sad or down, I always recommend starting to paint. In fact, there’s even a therapy based on that concept for adults.

Fab: It’s remarkable that you have set your sights on studying in Hong Kong in the future! What field of study do you aspire to pursue there, and how do you believe your experiences in gymnastics, art, and language learning will contribute to your educational and personal growth?

Natalia Prusevich: My brother currently works in China, and I’m incredibly proud of him. He’s the one who sparked the idea of studying in Hong Kong for me, and I truly hope I can make it happen. I’m dedicated to my studies and diligently complete my homework. Also, I take additional classes because continuous learning and personal development are crucial in today’s world. I genuinely enjoy going to school, and every Sunday, I eagerly anticipate the start of a new week. I don’t understand why some people don’t enjoy studying! Whenever someone feels sad or down, I always recommend starting to paint, as I believe it can be therapeutic for adults as well.

How can gymnastics contribute to my future? In my opinion, athletes are inherently disciplined individuals who don’t entertain the concepts of “can’t,” “I don’t want to,” or “laziness.” They only understand the word “must” and are determined to achieve what is necessary. They must train; they must learn. I believe this mindset and dedication will greatly contribute to my future endeavours. While I may not have elaborate long-term plans at the moment, I am determined to pursue my goals.

Supporting the Champion: Strategies and Tips from a Parent

The most important task of any parent is not to get in the way… Don’t quit halfway through. And every decision should be discussed and weighed.

Natalia’s Mom
Natalia’s Mom: As a parent, what strategies do you employ to support your child’s training and maintain their rigorous routine? Please share your tips. (Mom)

When it comes to daily routines, prioritising sleep is of utmost importance. The brain is the primary organ involved in both learning and sports. It is responsible for memory and concentration, and it requires sufficient rest. Therefore, we ensure that we go to bed no later than 10 p.m.

Nutrition is also crucial. We don’t impose strict restrictions or enforce diets, but I empower my daughter to be mindful of her food choices. She already possesses knowledge about proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and endeavours to make informed decisions regarding her nutrition. This doesn’t mean she restricts herself excessively; rather, she knows when to exercise moderation. Additionally, we take vitamins as part of our routine.

Regarding studying…

In my opinion, the most important task for any parent is to not impede their child’s progress and not prioritise their own ambitions above their child’s. It’s crucial to offer the child a choice. However, we have a rule: finish what we start before moving on to something else. This way, we can truly determine if we have a genuine interest in a particular activity or subject. We discourage quitting halfway through and emphasise the importance of thoughtful decision-making.

I’m more of an appendix to her. She’s special. And it’s not because she’s my daughter.

Natalia’s Mom

As a result, I don’t attend my daughter’s classes at all. She is completely autonomous and independent. This approach applies to both of my children, which demonstrates the effectiveness of this rule. It is equally important to strike a balance between academic commitments and leisure time. I would even say, “Every individual, whether an adult or child, should be able to relax!”

We frequently engage in activities such as playing board games, watching films, and going for walks. Sometimes, we simply lounge on the sofa if we feel like it. I take pride in the fact that we rarely spend excessive time on our phones, as this is a prevalent issue among many children today. It’s the parent’s responsibility to organise and plan family leisure time in a manner that makes the child uninterested in their phone. In our case, I am more of a supporting presence. My daughter is truly special, and this sentiment isn’t merely because she is my daughter.

Fun Zone: #FabFast5

  • If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?
    I love the character of Wednesday.
  • Your current favourite TV show?
    I rarely watch TV. And I won’t say so right away—sometimes my mom and I watch detective shows. By the way, I liked “Wednesday” a lot!
  • If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • If you could design your own dream bedroom, what would it look like?
    I’m dreaming of a bunk bed. I also want a dresser with a mirror to put all my perfume, cosmetics, and jewellery on. It should be a very bright room, rather white, in a minimalist style.
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    China, of course! That’s where my brother is!


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