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The Future Of Fashion: Virtual Fashion Shows And More…

Virtual Fashion shows with Fablstyle

The recent global pandemic has led to a shift in the functioning of fashion shows and fashion weeks. After the emergence of COVID-19 in early 2020, the fashion industry nearly came to a halt. This forced the fashion experts to think of new formats for staying relevant. Besides this, there are obvious financial and environmental costs of producing fashion events too, which can be avoided by exploring new avenues. New alternatives to physical fashion shows have come in the form of virtual fashion shows, events and augmented reality experiences.

Virtual Fashion Shows Are Here To 

According to some experts, digital fashion shows will continue to remain an integral part of the fashion industry in time to come. Virtual events can, in no way, rival physical fashion shows. However, the use of green screens, augmented reality, and striking visual effects successfully creates the illusion of a real event. This is because fashion functions on a visual spectrum and the clothes and models are able to create enhanced imagery even on a virtual platform.

Virtual Fashion shows with Fablstyle
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 New innovations with 3D avatar models

The virtual fashion events could become even more hi-tech and immersive with time. The future of fashion could have 3D avatar models (the digitised versions of real models), wearing digitally created clothing. The Helsinki Fashion Week, which had been using the digitised mode of fashion shows for a long time, is the first to experiment with a version of this kind of technology. They will be using 3-D fashion shows, cyber networking opportunities, and interactive live streams. The show will use avatars for showcasing the digitised clothing. According to designers, the 3-D prototype of clothes is a more sustainable alternative as it prevents the mass production of clothing. It is only after the clients have approved the prototype that the clothing is made from scratch.

Danish Fashion Week Goes Virtual

The Copenhagen Fashion Week would be one of the first post-pandemic fashion shows which will stage live events. Although initially it was planned as a hybrid event, with both physical and virtual shows, it was later changed to a completely digital format. The Copenhagen Fashion Week will consist of a combination of video installations, physical installations and online runway shows that will be streamed live on an online streaming platform. The digital platform will also ensure that all the buyers, consumers, and editors are able to access everything.

It will feature all the prominent names in the Danish fashion industry, including Malene Birger, Stine Goya, Baum and Pferdgarten and also Ganni. There is also a line-up of 34 other brands, which will include Gestuz, Brøgger, Nynne, and an international label called Rixo.

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Preparing Your Garden to Make Homegrown Salads
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Preparing Your Garden to Make Homegrown Salads

Welcome to eFAB. SHIFT To Your Authentic Self.
Welcome to eFAB. SHIFT To Your Authentic Self.

Welcome to eFAB. SHIFT To Your Authentic Self.

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