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Diversity Of Artistic Expression In The 21st Century

diversity of artistic expression

The diversity of artistic expression in the 21st century mirrors the social, political, and economic changes we experience yet, the artist remains the constant flux in the artistic universe. 

21st century artistic expression explores more 

Art, music, writing and diverse forms of artistic expression have been carried down centuries through an artistic evolution that has shaped our interpretation of art. There is the combination of cultural diversity, techniques, ideas, and technologies that fueled this era such as the use of digital imaging to create art that is dynamic yet strongly rooted to a creator’s culture and environment. 

The fusion of passion, craftsmanship, media and technology is the shift!

One of the distinct signature of the diversity of artistic expression in the 21st century is how the media and technology have shaped the shift in the spectrum of diversity of art in which is defined by millions of artists who are creating the truest form of art by not conforming to any rules or movement while telling their stories.

diversity of artistic expression
Artistic diversity with traditional painting

This artistic diversity changes how we create art and encourages the development of creativity, innovation and uniqueness which is deemed thus challenging the traditional assumption that we consider art as contemporary artists embrace and use the traditional technique of art to create unorthodox art that reflects our current social and political issues. 

What is art without diversity?

The diversity of contemporary artists has vastly improved the quality of art because, what would be art without meaningful diversity? Art in the 21st century is as diverse as the individuals who create them, their thoughts, dreams, perspective, culture, and techniques available to them.

diversity of artistic expression
Artistic diversity with digital technology

Every era has its own technology.

Undoubtedly, the novelties in terms of technique and style of modern artists have led to a progressive state in the art scene which birthed digital art and NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens – tools used by digital artist to sign their works to ensure they are not plagiarised). Despite having many diverse forms, one of the most interesting parts of 21st century artistic expression is its ability to hold on to its traditional fibre while adopting new technologies. 

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