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Dutch Design vs. Old Masters Paintings

Festival Masterly – The Hague in the Netherlands

Festival Masterly is an annual festival of Old Master Paintings and Dutch Design, from Nicolaes Maes to Jean Paul Gaultier, and from Honthorst to Richard Hutten.

During Masterly The Hague, which is exhibiting for its second edition this year, new work by contemporary Dutch designers can be seen, linked to historical paintings by Dutch masters who were the inspiration for their designs. The festival took place from 19 to 22 September, at various locations throughout the Museum Quarter in The Hague.


Jean Paul Gautier @ Masterly The Hague
Met dank aan Madelief Hohé Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Mariëtte Wolbert

Mariëtte Wolbert has years of experience in textile design with a particular focus on home textiles. One could really call her the queen of the kitchen sets. Her design has a recognizable signature and is now world-famous. She describes her own designs in terms of ‘Comfortable’, ‘Lucid’, ‘Logical’, ‘Luxurious’ and always with a ‘Smile’.

This design is an abstract, graphic version of the 18th-century painting ‘Huis ten Bosch’ by Jan ten Compe. Jan ten Compe (1713-1761) was an 18th-century landscape painter from the Netherlands.

Jan ten Compe, painting ‘Huis ten Bosch’

Mariëtte Wolbert was inspired by the clothing of the people. The colors of the sky and the building are incorporated in the materials. Her kitchen textiles, Soft Square, have never been so attractive. Due to their color schemes and the chosen materials, the kitchen sets have a tough yet warm look. They are manufactured in Europe from 100% cotton.  Sets were recently purchased for the collection of The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and by the Textile Museum Tilburg.

Picture by Frieda Mellema

More info: www.mariettewolbert.nl

Inge Becka

Inge prefers to make rich compositions; porcelain still lifes comprising a series of unique objects that are also related to each other. Due to the collection of shapes, the still lifes often refer to an architectural fantasy landscape or modern skyline.

On one hand, you see the excess, characteristic of Baroque, in the superfluous form; graceful ‘curls’, or through the use of sweet floral colors combined with gold and luster.

Especially for Masterly The Hague, Inge has created a small porcelain work of art in a limited edition which is inspired by the painting ‘fruit still life with Putti’ by Jan Pauwel Gillemans.


Old Masters and contemporary designers

Masterly The Hague exhibits historical paintings alongside work by contemporary designers, artists, and photographers. For her contribution, Emily was inspired by a portrait of Jan van Bijlert.

Jan Hermansz van Bijlert (1597 or 1598 – November 1671) was a Dutch painter whose style was influenced initially by Caravaggio. This painter, Jan van Bijlert inspires fashion designer Emily Hermans for MLY #winter2019 collection, she translates the historical portrait into contemporary fashion design.

‘At the time, these types of portraits were made for the vanity of the temporary, earthly existence’, explains Hermans. ‘But with a contemporary look, you can also do one for strong, confident women. And that fits perfectly with the role that I see for myself as a fashion designer: contributing to a world where everyone can be the best version of themselves, by making sustainable, colorful clothing that makes women more powerful.’




Camouflage-like pattern

For Masterly The Hague, Hermans abstracted the original painting by Jan van Bijlert into a contemporary, camouflage-like pattern. She then made knitted fabrics with jacquard and a series of jackets and dresses in various color combinations. During Masterly The Hague, several of these creations were exhibited around the original work of Van Bijlert.

More info: www.MLY.nl

IKE VAN DER PLAS > muze Santacker


Ike’s painting is a Santacker and Ike was inspired by the colors and appearance of the painting. The golden dress is central to the painting. You cannot see what shoes are worn under that dress. So Ike could let his imagination take over.




Ike has used the gold for the richness in his shoes, inspired by the frame of the painting for the latest shoe line.

Both the audiences and I thoroughly enjoyed the new work from these Dutch Designers taking their inspiration from paintings from the Golden Age.

There is much more information: www.materlythehague.nl or new upcoming event: 20-26 April 2020, The Dutch in Milano, https://www.masterly.nu

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