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Tea Ceremony In The Heart Of Vienna


Both definitely, raise the level of endorphins and give some sort of meditation. But, for me, personally, nothing can be compared to a no-direction-stroll around the city, especially when you can enjoy the outside terraces and sip your coffee in the fresh air… Or maybe have a whole tea ceremony? 

Tea ceremony, Vienna at Wunderladen

Vienna is full of many different cafes and restaurants, yet sometimes it can be quite tricky to find this particular cosy one, where you can sit and relax with an actual book on your laps or maybe simply watch strangers passing by. Luckily, I know one of these places. “Wunderladen” coffeeshop offers all customers a bit of a Parisian atmosphere right in the middle of Vienna close to famous touristic spots such as the Grand Hotel, Karlsplatz, and Viennese State Opera. A mix of Provence interior, tiny lights, and most delicious pastries create an unforgettable experience that will make you come back again and again. 

We all have our own rituals when it comes to waking up from long winter hibernation. For some, it's cleaning up the whole apartment, for others, it's to go on a long day walk under the sun. 

Famous not only for the tastiest café Brûlèe, “Wunderland” also got well known and loved by many Viennese Influencers and admirers of a friendly ambience for an amazing tradition of afternoon tea. Totally fun and, at some point, forgotten daytime activity, when you can get two small sandwiches, scones, sweet treats with a glass of sect and, of course, tea of your choice.


All beautifully served! No doubt that there is always something magical about the tea ceremony, and with the generous hospitality of Sabrina, the place owner, this experience feels like a warm family gathering. Besides the unique menu, Wunderladen also has a little shopping corner, where everyone who wants can get little things such as jewellery, hats and tea cups! 

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