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5 Ways To Embrace Your Imperfections


Embracing your imperfections is easier said (or written) than done. However, before losing your self-respect without the compliments of your lover, friends and family, you can use techniques to appreciate your flaws.

As a certified business consultant, I work with clients on recognizing their strengths and admitting their flaws. I believe that people who focus on improving themselves and work on developing their talents are usually with higher self-esteem. Loving yourself is remarkable, after all. Here are 5 ways to embrace your imperfections, even if you think it is impossible. Instead of complaining about your flaws, focus on the features that you appreciate.

1. Stop relying on compliments

Receiving compliments can be very rewarding. Most of us relish the moments of positive feedback and feel uplifted, even if it is just for a split second of being admired. We all deserve being praised for our learned or inherent strengths. It becomes an issue, once you become dependent on the opinion of others. The foundation of self-esteem and confidence is in your inner conviction. That’s why it’s crucial to be guided by your own reflective thought about the type of person you strive to be.

2. Do not be fooled by media images

Whether you are reading a magazine, watching TV or scrolling through your social media account – wherever you look, there are beautiful people. Most of us are aware of the dangers of distorted beauty; nevertheless, we get bamboozled by the Victoria Secret or Tom Ford models. The level of beauty standards is becoming more difficult to attain. Do not – I repeat – Do not be fooled. You do not know how much of the images are authentic. “Normal” is the true beauty. Learn to distinguish the fake from real.

3. Take care of yourself

There is always room for improvement. Read more books. Work out. Change your diet. Resist biting your nails. Stop picking your spots. Use what you have skillfully.  Whatever you consider a shortcoming can be developed into your magic wand. Take care of yourself like someone you love. By remaining consistent, you’ll eventually turn out to be exactly who you were striving to be.

4. Ask for support


There is nothing wrong with asking for help. I know. It can be a challenge to know who and how to ask. Even I find it difficult to reach out to people for support. But – just as I am, you have to get over yourself, ask a selected person and give them a specific task to assist you. If you do not ask, you do not receive. It is that simple.

5. Focus on positive thinking


Award-winning life coach Tony Robbins professed: “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.
That makes sense, right? Only you can control your thoughts. Do not allow anyone to control your thought process. You can decide which information works to feed your fear or love. Learn to block the nagging inner voice that is causing insecurity. Distance yourself from negative and cynical people who are comfortable in a life of misery. Focus on positive thinking.

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