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Opportunities in disguise


Life is full of opportunities, but only few people see them.  What is opportunity?

Opportunity is a chance to achieve something. It is, therefore, important that we identify, prepare, and make use of the opportunities as they come.  Benjamin Disraeli once said, “The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” Unfortunately, many people are not ready for opportunity. Many of us have lost precious moments for several reasons. Which could be laziness, procrastination, and lack of interest or not being able to connect to inner self.

Changes in our lives are also dependent on our openness towards mindset. Opportunities are everywhere, we just need to recognize them when they appear.  Many of them come in disguise.  Many times opportunities pass us by. Meeting a future partner, recognizing a future business venture or taking a risk in general.

When I met my husband, it was an opportunity I jumped at, even though it was not ‘love at first sight’.  The qualities that I was looking for were not there, but I jumped for it because I had a strong conviction in my heart that he was meant for me.  Today, I have seen beyond what I would have wished for back then.  I encourage you to look into yourself and take these opportunities. Most of them are in disguise.

I also took the opportunity to study secretarial studies, even though, it was not what I wanted.  My Aunt convinced me to take it up, because she saw in me what I couldn’t see at the time. Today, I am grateful that I listened to my Aunt, because I could sit and write page after page and would just need editor to make it ready for publication.

When looking for gold, miners do not expect to find it laying on the surface of the ground.  So, when recognizing opportunity, an individual depends on their ability to tap into their own ambition and act accordingly.

An American Writer William Arthur once said, “Opportunity is often difficult to recognize; we expect it to beckon us with beepers and billboards.” Most times, it does not.

Stay tuned in, for more on opportunities part II…


STRONG DESIRE FOR A CHANGE: As a result of strong desire for change, people deliberately look for opportunity.  Where there is a will there is a way. A strong desire is very important in locating an opportunity. I know a lady that went to law school because her parents were cheated by their friends and she decided to study law to make sure such things do not happen to others.  Also, I know a guy who read medicine because his Mother died of a particular disease and he was able to help others to recover from the disease. Today they are a sought-out lawyer and a Medical Practitioner. So, sometimes opportunity arises through misfortune as well.

For example: if you travel to a place where they do not wear shoes – it’s an opportunity to start shoes business.  If you go to a place where people are not educated – see it as an opportunity to start a school.

Some suggestions towards widening your range of opportunities

THE RIGHT INFORMATION: Knowledge is power. Information about opportunities are everywhere!

Newspapers, internet, agencies, recruitment websites, Social media, trade magazine, and other job vacancies outlets.

You can also monetize your gifts or skills on digital marketing. Helpful information is everywhere, pray you walk into one.

BE CREATIVE:  Many years ago, as Missionaries, my husband and I were transferred to Zaria, in the Northern part of Nigeria. Before I joined my husband there, I learned some new skills: tie dye, cap making and hat making.  I learned them because I believed it would be an opportunity to teach them. I wanted to inspire and to empower the people to make a living. I was equipped to my surprised, I made more money in that small-town making hats than I made in the city. I met someone who was always ordering hats from abroad, who saw my hats as meeting an international standard. It turned out to be lucrative.

BUILDING NETWORKS:  Meet people, attend events that will help you with your destiny. Some information may not be published on social media but meeting the right people will create such an opportunity. Those who can help you publicize your gifts are also vital to your growth. Be sociable enough to relate with others.

READING:  Stand out by reading, studying, improving yourself by reading, research, expand your horizon. Reading is a self-empowering tool to gain knowledge.

In conclusion, when opportunity comes, it is my prayers that we will recognize it.  We will be ready for it.

QUOTES: Every opportunity not used on time, can be too expensive when it comes back again.

 Affirmation:  I will NOT allow any opportunity that comes my way to slip away from henceforth. I will make use of the opportunity, God help me.

Victoria Okuneye,Love God, Author, Writer, Administrator Conference Speaker, Educationist, Coach, Mother, Milliner.

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