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A Red Lip Valentine

Red Lip
Red Lip Valentine

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching. This special day of love is the perfect excuse to pull off a red monochrome look or style up those red pieces in your closet that haven’t been put to use yet. One could think it is such a cliché to opt for red as a color of choice on Valentine’s Day, as it might be a bit too predictable or even make it impossible for your style to stand out.

A subtle way to add a touch of red to your look for Valentine’s Day without joining the cliché bandwagon would be to try a classic red lip. A red lip equals sophistication, class, elegance and a whole lot of sexy in a woman. This is a bold shade that blends in seamlessly regardless of what you have on or even the makeup look you are going for.

A red lip easily transitions from day to night and works perfectly with an over the top beauty look as well as a minimal look. There is a shade of red for every woman of every skin tone and undertone, most brands have more than just one shade of red in their collection as they aim to cater to all.

Maybelline and KKW are two very popular names in the beauty community. Maybelline is known to be one of the best drug store beauty brands out there while KKW beauty, though slightly pricier, also happens to hold its own as a brand.

These two brands are entirely different but most recently released a product that breeds so much similarity between them. KKW beauty just released its “Classic red” lipstick along with a lip liner and just in time for Valentine’s Day. This lipstick is not only stunning and exceptionally pigmented but its formula has been curated to suit all skin tones. It is a shade that all women can enjoy.

Maybelline, on the other hand, has a collection of “Made for All” lipsticks that come in a variety of shades, including a beautiful red, suitable on 50 different skin tones. Talk about diversity delivered!

These lipsticks have been tested, reviews are out and they are definitely worth the hype and the splurge. It can be quite tasking to spend hours swatching different lipsticks just so you can find your perfect red, so when a brand includes us all in one shade, it is beyond remarkable.

Keeping your eyeshadow subtle and maintaining the focus on your lips with a bold red shade will give you a sexy slick look for Valentine’s Day. A red lip allows you to keep it all black or all white and still look festively on point as you head out for the day or evening. Get yourself one of these two fabulous new red lipsticks and think of it as an investment. That red lip can go beyond Valentine’s Day; a red lip is a classic. 

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