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Is Kim Kardashian really a Fashion Influencer?

The Kardashians are the most talked about family in Hollywood and also the most hated yet most loved. It’s confusing to the mind I know, but so are a lot of things in the social media world of today.

Kim Kardashian West is the queen of them all and since stepping onto the scene back in 2006, the media hasn’t had a day off from Kim worthy news. One of the major reasons women all over the world follow her would have to be her sense of style, her beauty regimens, her glam squad and her out of this world body.

The CFDA standing for “The council of fashion designers of America” just held their 29th awards this week and of course, the red carpet was as star-studded as ever with big names like Donatella Versace and Naomi Campbell in attendance. They introduced the first ever “Fashion influencer award” and the recipient was the beautiful Kim Kardashian West.

An influencer is basically a game changer in the world of today and in more ways than one, Kim has definitely changed the game. Kim Kardashian has managed to convince an entire generation that looking like her is the only way to go. In terms of body and facial beauty, her features seem to be the SI unit for society. Young women are either in the gym working to look like her or getting plastic surgery to get what they require to look like her.

This might be a positive or negative influence, it all depends on who you are asking. In terms of fashion, Kim has been setting trends for more than a decade now. If you ask me, I think she was the perfect recipient to initiate this particular award. There isn’t a look in the book that Kim hasn’t tried or initiated. Take for example the PVC heel that is currently super trendy, her husband Kanye West through his Yeezy fashion line created these shoes that can always be seen on Kim’s feet. As horrifying as the PVC look can be at times, Kim has made it the current fashion must have. Wearing gym clothes as regular clothes, Kim is seen in biker shorts, t-shirts and sneakers almost all the time since late last year and so are most girls on social media. She could be promoting her husband’s work but at the same time promoting a new style of dressing for an entire generation.

Back in the day Kim made red bottom heels and Birkin bags a must have, then she moved on to leather pants and boyfriend blazers, the bodycon skirts paired with crop tops, then fur coats and sunglasses both in winter and summer, nipples out no need for a bra, the trends she has set over the years are countless.

She went further to create a beauty line that is doing so well and is an imitation of her personal beauty hacks over the years. Her choice is always something blush and something nude. Together with her makeup artist Mario, they came up with a beauty range worth every penny. From concealer to eyeshadow, to highlighters and now even lipsticks. She is a mogul in the making and she is not stopping anytime soon.

Kim Kardashian

Her star power has been bright enough to give her such influence but everything else is authentically Kim Kardashian. Her style has changed drastically over the years; to her and her loyal fans it changed for the better, to some critics her current style needs work.

Kim Kardashian

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that she is the ultimate style influencer or trendsetter? Either way, I feel that she will be here for a long while and I personally can’t wait to see the evolution happen right before my eyes. Congratulations Kim Kardashian on a well-deserved win!

Kim Kardashian

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