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Festival Fashion

FAB L'Style Festival Fashion Column

Let’s face it. Festival season has just started with the most popular within celebs and fashion bloggers Coachella, where summer fashion trends are perpetuated.It’s actually beginning to be more famous for its fashion and pictures next to the big wheel than the music.

Summer is around the corner and there are plenty of other festivals to look forward to so let’s get you sorted with the most needed pieces to turn up your game and look like a real festival pro.

Festival Fashion

Go west or go home

We are talking cowboy boots, fringes, tassles, embroidery, basically anything that would make you look like you’re from the wild, wild west, which was dominated at the SS18 catwalks. If you have mixed feelings about it just try to have one item west inspired.  Replace your usual denim or leather jacket with a Western-style suede biker jacket, add some tassle earrings or flower crown to complete the look. 

Festival Fashion

Comfort is key when you standing for long periods of time at music festivals so opt for some comfy boots with details (fringes, studs) or flat sandals. They look cool combined with floral dresses or flowing kimonos. You might get some wellies to protect your feet at rainy festivals.

Fringe plays a big part at festivals so try to implement it somewhere in your look, whether it’s a bag, a jacket or boots. It’s a really cool way to add some texture and edginess to your outfit.

The belt bags kind of replaced cross body bags. It does make sense since they are much more practical when it comes to dancing your night away and have your hands free. And let’s not forget, it enhances your waistline which is always good.

Channel your inner boho babe with a crochet top or a dress. It’s a little bit hippie and a little bit hipster. This knitted material has been for decades a key item at the festival scene and it looks like it’s not going away in any near future.

The most important rule is to remember to stay true to yourself and to maintain your own sense of style. At the end of a day you need to feel comfortable in what you wearing and just have fun. Don’t forget it supposed to be about the music.

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