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Fashion-Icon: The Face Mask

Some items go a long way before reaching Fashion-Icon status

The Corona Virus has changed our way of life, the ‘one-and-a-halve-meter-society’.

The Blancore Fashion show, Fashion Week New York

When was a Face mask used for the first time?

The masks as we know them now only originated in the 20th century.  Before that, it was quite normal for a doctor to perform surgery without any gloves or face protection whatsoever.  For example, carrying out an autopsy and then afterwards assisting with the delivery of a baby. Hand washing was also not self-evident for doctors at that time.

This and other similar situations were stimulus for the first medical face masks to emerge at the beginning of the 20th century.  Around 1897, the first European researchers warned that without face masks, the infection rate in hospitals was much greater.  Despite European science, China was one of the first countries to use medical masks, where doctor Wu Lien-Teh developed medical mouth masks in 1910, to combat the spread of lung diseases in Northern China.

During the Spanish Flu, wearing face masks became increasingly common on the street, as these police officers in Seattle, USA, show. Photo via Wikimedia Commons [Public Domain]

Since February 2020, the world has been turned upside down and many countries have been in lockdown until the end of May.  Suddenly we were forced to work from home, our children’s education was conducted online. Daily life existed in-and-around the home, except for those working in “vital” professions.  Playing sports in a hall, having a drink on a terrace or visiting people was not done.

Since the number of admissions of Corona patients lessened and the presence of the coronavirus decreased, many countries have relaxed the lockdown policy. In the Netherlands life is getting almost back to normal again, with the exception of maintaining the ‘one-and-a-half-meter-society’.  On public transport a face mask is mandatory and many people are seen wearing gloves and face masks while shopping in the supermarket.

The fashion industry offers massively fashionable (not medical) face masks to dress in style. Until last December we could not imagine that a face mask with an outfit can be an eye catcher. Do you want to see some nice examples?

Face Mask

The Blond Fashion Show, Fashion Week New York

The Dutch designer Emily Hermans makes tailor-made face masks for men and women:

Face Mask
Face Mask

MLY, The Netherlands

We are very interested in your face mask style.  Please show us your Fab’L Style face mask picture! Tag: #fablstyle #facemask #marastevelmans

Part II: The Environment begins at home
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Part II: The Environment begins at home

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Bell-Sleeves Ring

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