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BENCHELLAL Transforms Military Uniforms Into High Fashion


The military look reappears every once in a while, as a trend on catwalks – as designer BENCHELLAL demonstrated in quite a spectacular way during the opening of Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week (DSFW) with restyled vintage uniforms. 

Fashion designer Mo Benchellal had been approached by the organization of Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week to design specifically for the opening show of DSFW 2018.  The challenge was duly accepted and resulted in a surprising collaboration with the Department of Defence.  The designer enjoyed the experience of visiting the enormous depot where the uniforms are stored temporarily while awaiting destruction.  The focus of this idea was to raise awareness among the public of sustainable fashion and has resulted in a very successful co-operation for the Department of Defence and for the awareness as a designer.  The results of BENCHELLAL’s interpretation of a sustainable collection are thirty-two unbelievable haute couture styles all with a military look.

Mo’s collection is shown in an entirely appropriate environment –  the official Dutch Navy area in Amsterdam.  The show is directed with military precision, from the beginning and passing the security checkpoint until the twenty-five soldiers stoically lined up on the catwalk.  Just before the show starts, the soldiers march off the catwalk.  In BENCHELLAL ‘s early work his signature is very feminine, as in this sustainable DSFW collection.  All thirty-two styles reflect the army-look, but each piece is womanly and extraordinary. BENCHELLAL has played with the silhouettes whilst maintaining aspects of the original uniform.  Like eye-catching items such as the cropped jacket featuring army print or a full, white tulle skirt paired with a jacket in camouflage fabric.

Pictures Team Peter Stigter

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