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8 Effective Ways to Prevent Under-Eye Wrinkles

8 Effective Ways to Prevent Under-Eye Wrinkles

The signs of ageing typically appear and become visible around the eyes more than other facial features. These initial changes are called under-eye wrinkles. Although this is a natural part of the ageing process, there are healthy steps you can take to delay or prevent these wrinkles or minimise their appearance.

Facial exercises

Facial exercises can be an effective way to prevent the formation of wrinkles and unwanted lines around the eyes. These exercises are known as face yoga or facial resistance training. These exercises stimulate your facial muscles to minimise tension and strain in the area, helping to reduce under-eye wrinkles over time. While results are not immediate, you can delay the signs of ageing and uphold your natural beauty with consistent effort.

NAD therapy 

Everyone desires to stay youthful and vibrant, which can feel like an endless battle. Thankfully, there is a new way to lessen the effects of ageing and wrinkles without resorting to surgery or invasive procedures. This revolutionary treatment uses vitamin B3, and it has become popular due to its ability to help reduce wrinkles beneath the eyes. By using NAD therapy correctly, you can restore your youthful glow and support cell regeneration for a more natural form of revitalization.

Treat your allergies to prevent Under-Eye Wrinkles
Photo by Victor Freitas:pexels

Treat your allergies to prevent Under-Eye Wrinkles

Beyond the frustrating sneezing fits and itchy, watery eyes, poor management of allergies can age you. Treating your allergies can help keep wrinkles away from under your eyes because when you suffer from an allergic attack, the blood vessels nearby swell up to combat the allergen.

Ultimately, accumulation of this inflammation results in puffy eyes and eventually adds to those dreaded under-eye wrinkles. By effectively managing your allergies, you can help prevent under-eye wrinkles.

Gently exfoliate 

NAD therapy beats under-eye wrinkles
Photo by Sora Shimazaki

Gentle exfoliation is the simplest way to keep your eyes and face healthy. By removing old and dead skin cells, exfoliation stimulates the production of new collagen for firmer, younger-looking skin. It also helps reduce inflammation and supports healthy blood circulation under the skin, a significant factor in premature ageing. Opt for regular weekly treatments with a gentle exfoliant to ensure maximum wrinkle prevention around the eyes.

Eye creams containing Retinoids 

By encouraging collagen production around the eyes, retinoids can help reduce wrinkles, discoloration, and puffiness. Moisturisers containing Retinoids are ideal for therapeutic benefit without irritation. Long-term use of retinoids around the eyes helps delay the appearance or onset of under-eye wrinkles.

Avoid excessive sun exposure

Sun exposure causes wrinkles under the eyes because they are the most delicate part of the face. Preventive measures are necessary to protect yourself from damaging UV rays by applying sunscreen and wearing a hat outdoors in the sun to shield your skin from their harmful effects.

Eat a healthy diet, beat wrinkles

Eating whole grains, vegetables, and fruits will provide nutrients that help keep under-eye wrinkles at bay. Include omega-rich fish in your diet because their fatty acids can help reduce the fine lines and puffiness under the eyes. Keep yourself hydrated as much as possible by drinking enough water. Maintaining a healthy diet can result in a softer and more elastic look to your face and eyes.

Use topical vitamin C 

Topical vitamin C is widely known for its many beneficial and anti-aging properties when applied to the skin. It can even help prevent under-eye wrinkles. Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, helps produce collagen, which contributes to a youthful appearance.

Vitamin C also helps safeguard the skin against damaging free radicals while reducing inflammation caused by UV exposure. When applied topically, vitamin C has time-release agents that deliver nutrients over time, providing continuous protection against sun damage throughout the day.


If you start noticing wrinkles under your eyes, there is hope for you. There are therapeutic measures to help those wrinkles disappear and appear less prominently. Incorporating these measures into your daily regimen, following a healthy diet, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you feel more confident with your youthful and radiant appearance!

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