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“Senses” by Victoria Tomas for Fall ’23 | A French Ready-to-Wear brand

Victoria Tomas collaborates with Caron for Senses FW '23
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All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. For the first time, CARON teams up with a ready-to-wear brand, Victoria/Tomas, to create a unique capsule collection inspired by its heritage, innovation, and uniqueness. Victoria Tomas has developed a line of bold looks inspired by three fragrances:


It was originally created for men but was immediately adopted by women as a symbol of emancipation during the Roaring Twenties. TABAC BLOND is a perfect reflection of an elegant tomboy style. Subscribe to Fabl’style Premium Pecks Get notified of the latest on Fashions and Styles

Victoria Tomas collaborates with Caron for Senses FW '23


This is recognised as a masterpiece of modern perfumery with its unprecedentedly daring combination of the finest lavender and vanilla. Its Trail Embodies An Olfactory Revolution.


Muscoli is a co-creation between Oliviade ROTHSCHILD and Jean JACQUES,CARON’s in-House Perfumer. It is a fascinating exploration, an unusual fragrance that opens the door to a world that is peculiar yet familiar to our inner self.

Inspired by Sci-Fi World’s “Iagarçonne” silhouette, or relaxed yet geometrical men’s looks, VICTORIA/TOMAS translate their vision through the pieces that resonate with the present and follow into the future.

“ALTER-EGOS” A Better Mistake Presents Genderless FW ’23 collection
ALTER-EGOS" A Better Mistake Genderless FW '23 collection

“ALTER-EGOS” A Better Mistake Presents Genderless FW ’23 collection

Hello, How Are You Doing?

Hello, How Are You Doing?

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