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Has the Quarantine/Lockdown Taken Away the Importance of Wearing Makeup? 

Ever since the COVID-19 induced lockdowns have become the norm of people’s lives all across the world, our social lives have taken quite a drastic turn. We no longer meet each other for quick brunches, lazy BBQs, important business meetings, trendy parties, or shopping sprees. Even when we do go out, our faces are covered by masks, respirators, and face shields. 


Moreover, since health institutions have regularly been asking us ‘not to touch our faces again and again,’ the need to use makeup to hide skin irregularities arising due to constant face-touching has reduced as well. 


In the light of such scenarios, an important question is getting quite a lot of attention now – Has the quarantine/lockdown taken away the importance of wearing makeup? Let’s have a closer look at this and determine if makeup products have become obsolete. 


Improved air quality, Reduced oxidative stress and Respite for hair 


With a meteoric decline in transportation and industrial activities, the pollution levels all across the world have reduced, and air quality has improved. This has a direct positive effect on maintaining skin health since there are less impure pollutant particles in the air now. 

Going out in the sun has reduced tremendously. Even when we do go out, our faces are completely covered to control the spread of the virus. This has reduced oxidative stress on our skin, which causes the production of free radicals that further cause fine lines and wrinkles.  

The need to wash our hair frequently has reduced, and so has the usage of hair extensions, heat styling, hair masks, conditioners, etc. 


Is it here to stay? 


As the world is adjusting to this new way of life, the need for wearing makeup has definitely reduced. People are getting more comfortable with their no-makeup looks and might continue to not wear makeup once things settle down, and we begin to resume our normal social lives or go back to the office.  


However, we cannot rule out the scenario where people would immediately bounce back to using makeup. While the need for wearing makeup has reduced, only time will tell if it has become obsolete or not! 

Our Creative Economy, Science & Technology Post Covid-19
Our Creative Economy, Science & Technology Post Covid-19

Our Creative Economy, Science & Technology Post Covid-19



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