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This movie is an absolute must-see for Fashion Lovers

This movie is an absolute must-see for Fashion Lovers

Today there are a lot of films about fashion, such as The September Issue (2009), Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel (2011) and many more, that will open its viewers the veil to the world of glamour and glance. The must-see in the list of fashion movies is doubtlessly Funny Face (1957). It is an iconic masterpiece that every person, who is in deeply in love with fashion, Audrey Hepburn or Paris, has to watch.

This movie is part of the heritage of the Hollywood’s Golden Age cinema. It is defined as a priceless source for inspiration and visual satisfaction. The portrayal of the editor-in-chief Maggie Prescott (by Kay Thompson) is inspired by the figure of Diana Vreeland. It can be not noticed because Maggie is a pure reflection of the strong iron woman. Her outfits are always flawless and posh. She emphasizes her waistline with middle skirts and massive shoulder jackets. By the way, the very last Givenchy collection FW 18/19 is totally built around the adherence of the accurate shoulder line in all outfits.

Meanwhile, Jo Stockton (by Audrey Hepburn) is a representation of the real woman. She doesn’t betray her own style. Her total black look is iconic. It expresses the way she feels – the simpler the better. Jo wants to feel herself free and natural in her clothing, but not like a doll.

At the same time, the movie is a great archive of the amazing dresses, which can be actual even now. The most famous dress among the whole collection is a final wedding dress that was created by Givenchy.

Another one inspirational issue about Funny Face is definitely photography. The photographer Dick Avery, played by Fred Astaire, is an embodiment of the famous 1950s photographer Richard Avedon. Watching Funny Face, the viewers get an opportunity to take a look at the very first developing phase of the fashion photography.

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