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Top 3 Fashion Trends For Summer 2018

Top 3 Fashion Trends For Summer 2018

After layering season we move on to the show-some-skin season. This season is also a synonym for festivals, summer parties and vacation season. A style junkie knows it is best to shop several seasons ahead. But just in case you haven’t done your shopping for warmer temperatures, here is a list of what you might need to get.

Summer looks aim to please in terms of simplicity, elegance and chic appearance. You want to look free, wild and like you are living your best fashionable years ever.


Monochrome is always a good idea; it is simple to style and always ends up looking sophisticated. White is the colour of the season and structured white pieces should be flooding your closet. 

Invest in white dresses, wide leg pants, off the shoulder tops and dresses as well as some light coats and cover-ups. Adding some white bathing suits will not hurt too.

White sunglasses, white pieces of jewellery and some white bags and shoes to mix it all up. White nail colour is an option and has been a favourite for minimalists everywhere. This is a simple colour that is bold in its own right.

So many shades of white to choose from and so many structures for summer.

TIP: The oversize look is still in, go for long oversized shirts, shirt dresses, maxi dresses and pants. Short hemlines all summer and a bevvy of stylish flats to match.


A hint of colour will bring some warmth to your look. Even with white being the colour of choice for summer, adding some colour in terms of accessorizing wouldn’t hurt. Try bright, bubbly colours like orange, turquoise, lavender, blush, and mix them up with your basic whites.

Get some coloured coats, sunglasses, bags, shoes and even experiment with bright lip colours. Imagine an all-white look with some red lips and a pair of white red bottom heels, a white skater dress, a pair of bright orange mules and some subtle pink lips. Styling tips and hacks would be endless.


The only print you need this summer is a floral vibe. Time for your style to literally bloom during the warm temperatures. Brands like Dolce & Gabbana have some of the most elaborate floral print.

Floral, shear, maxi dresses for afternoons out, floral bathing suits and even floral statement shoes.

Pair your white jeans and a white tea with some floral canvas shoes. Try a pair of floral yet colourful sunglasses. Floral tops with white bottoms and colourful shoes.

Tip: The idea is to invest in pieces that go well together in terms of styling and coordination. Purchase items that will get more wear out of them.

A different ever after…

A different ever after…

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