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How to get the Godess Summer Glow

How to get the Godess Summer Glow FAB L'Style Beauty Trends 2018

Beauty in 2018 is all about perfect skin, the more skin prep the better. The focus is on skin care that leaves your skin feeling bare, clean, clear and dewy. Imagine that supermodel beauty glow, which is what we are aiming to achieve.Hydration and moisture are the basics this summer. Just like concealer hides your sins from the previous night, major skin care brands have created products that can hide the fact that your water drinking schedule and moisturizing routines have not been followed religiously before summer.

This gorgeous skin trend also applies to your makeup looks all summer 2018. Flawless skin ensures that makeup application is much easier, especially when it comes to blending.

This season the beauty world is all about less is more in terms of your makeup. Find foundations that imitate your skin even with full coverage. I would recommend brands like Milani Cosmetics and Fenty Beauty; these two brands have foundations that give you medium to full coverage, dewy skin with a finish that comes pretty close to your actual skin. The Milani foundation is actually a two in one, with foundation and concealer. Another worthy foundation to achieve this look would be the Estee Lauder double wear foundation, it has had such rave reviews and the finish is perfect for that no makeup-makeup effect.

In terms of highlighters and eyeshadows, you want to go for a dewy shade that looks as if the sun is kissing your face in all the right places. Focus on highlighting the highest parts of your cheekbones, your brow bones, the inner corners of your eyes and your cleavage, shoulder and neck bones.

Gold and bronze shades of highlight would be perfect for that summer glow. A liquid illuminator is what I would recommend. Try the HudaBeauty, Iconic London,Fenty Beauty body lava highlighters, just to name a few brands. Powder or baked highlighters always seem to leave your skin either ashy or caked and for summer 2018, the aim is to look less cakey and more glowy.

Lip gloss is the way to go, after using a lip balm of course. Nobody likes chapped lips and so to keep your lips extra smooth and hydrated, a lip balm is a must have at all times. Go for glosses with glitter and metallic pigmentations. In summer you can give the matte lip shades a break until winter returns. Keep your lips kiss ready and looking flirty all summer long.

The aim is to look pretty and instead of transforming your face with makeup, allow it to accentuate your natural beauty.

This summer be the goddess you were born to be, don’t shy away from that extra glow!

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