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Who is Nomade Moderne? Nuriel Molcho: “Fashion is freedom of expression.”

Nomade Moderne

When I first moved to Vienna, my friends told me about this guy who makes amazing photographs on Instagram. Very quickly I got into his work and discovered a multi-talented person behind the Nomade Moderne. I say this because it is actually the name of his brand. This guy makes hats. And even that is not all – he is a photographer and a proud part of the Molcho family. Yes, the family behind the “NENI” concept – a real gastronomy empire! And no matter what he does or who his parents are, Nuriel Molcho stays down to earth, humble and sweet. During this interview, he was charming and very approachable. The photoshoot was done in several minutes and he was more than happy to answer every question I had. Sitting in his workshop next to the “NENI” restaurant at Naschmarkt (Vienna), sipping warm coffee, the young artist smiled as he waved his mother who was walking by, still focusing on his answers and sharing his interesting story; dear everyone, Nuriel Molcho talks fashion, family, business and inspiration.

You have a very interesting family-related fashion story. Could you tell us more about that? Were your parents the one who taught you how to “breathe” fashion?

I grew up in a family that is very open-minded when it comes to fashion. My parents taught me not to dress like everyone else and to always be myself. Whatever I wanted to wear they were fine with it and they always told me to wear my clothes with confidence. People used to call my father – Samy the black, because he used to wear black clothing only. My father didn`t grow up in money, so black was always an elegant and “safe” fashion choice. In Israel, nobody dresses in black because it is usually too hot, but my father always pulled it off. He wore interesting jewellery and the combination was always trendy and different. Mother, on the other hand, is usually oriental-dressed, she likes bright colours, “hippie” style and comfortable materials, which makes my style the combination of the two.

You are an artist. How does art affect your style? Are these things related at all?

I grew up surrounded by artists. Art is something esthetic and it builds the way everything looks. I personally believe that fashion is a type of art and expressing yourself. I also appreciate textures and materials, so I can say that knowing art plays a big role in my style.

Nomade Moderne

Do you spend a lot of money on clothing?

I used to spend a lot of money on clothing when I was young. I was a “fast buyer” but that changed by the time. Father taught me to always choose quality over quantity. Now I don’t shop a lot, but I shop very smartly. I am aware of what I wear. My fiance has a huge role in this since she takes care of where something was produced and in which way. I can say that I support  “green fashion”.

Nomade Moderne Nomade Moderne

You are designing hats. Why is that? Why are your hats different from anything else we have seen so far?

I personally like wearing hats and it’s a Jewish heritage. My opinion is; that you can be good at something just if you really believe in what you are doing. My hats are special, unique and not produced quickly. The price plays an important role in my work, so – the best price for the best quality. Making a hat was not something that I have thought I will be doing and I have learned it myself. Hours of google, youtube and at the end; I have learned a final touch by several old hat masters. Today you can get a fully customized hat in my shop.

Does this mean that wearing a good hat is sometimes enough to look stylish?

Many clients come to me dressed all “normal” but as soon as they put the hat – they feel that wow effect that I am always going for. They also trust me and my taste and I really give a lot of attention to each customer.

Your family is a very well known for a gastronomy empire. Could you tell us more about the family business and why is it so important to you?

The most important thing to us is – family. We ARE family, friends – everything. NENI is a family business; three brothers and a mother. We never learned how to work in gastronomy, because it came out of passion. Our recipe for success is Home cooking and a friendly atmosphere. First NENI was opened on Naschmarkt because there is a special bound between NENI and markets. My mother learned how too cook on a market and that is what makes our restaurants so special!

You have three brothers. Rank them from best dressed to worst.

Elior doesn’t care about fashion at all, so he is the worst – sorry bro`. Others care about it and I have to notice that we are a stylish family. All of my brothers are very different: Ilan has a good style but he goes from very classic to streetwear – huge variations. Nadiv is an actor and he dresses like an actor. I guess he is charming enough (laugh)

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be?

That is a good question. I always loved music. I don`t know WHO would I like to be, but singing on stage is something that I would like to try for a day…so I would be a singer.

Two things you can`t start your day without?

Fiance Audrey and Instagram (but in a sense that I like getting visual inspiration, not as an addiction)

What are the plans for the future – yours and Neni`s? 

NENI – we are opening in Paris, Majorca, Amsterdam and Köln. We are moving into a new supermarket production and we are expanding in this direction.

NOMADE MODERNE – it is something you can`t predict and it is just being full time updated. I am always searching the new inspiration, etc. Let`s say that one of the plans could be pushing my brand internationally – fashion weeks and such.

Portrait Photographer / Stefan Kokovic  

(Other Photographs / Private Archive – Facebook – Instagram)

Interview / Stefan Kokovic

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